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Glaucoma Treatment at Matrix Eye Clinic

Glaucoma is often treated with eye drops to reduce the IOP, but there are also surgical options. There are several types of eye drops that can be prescribed, to be used alone or in combination. New preservative free drops reduce complications such as dry or watery eyes.

Treated early, glaucoma is generally a manageable condition and most people avoid significant sight loss in their lifetime, but they need regular check-ups with glaucoma specialists.

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Matrix Eye Clinic - Glaucoma Care

HRT of healthy optic nerve head

Matrix Eye Clinic - Glaucoma Care

HRT of glaucomatous
optic nerve head








Matrix Eye Clinic tests with world-leading technologies, which improve the accuracy of diagnosis and the monitoring of glaucoma. We use use information from an OCT scan alongside measurements of the pressure inside your eye, your visual fields, and an evaluation of the appearance of the back of the eye before concluding there are signs of any glaucoma, or any other eye disease.

What is

Glaucoma is actually a group of eye conditions affecting up to 10% of the adult population. A common factor is that the pressure within the eye – Intra-Ocular Pressure or IOP – is at a level sufficient enough to damage the signals between the retina and brain that allow us to see, so vision can therefore be lost. This is known as optic nerve damage, which some people are more susceptible to than others.

Matrix Eye Clinic - Glaucoma care

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