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Dry Eye Syndrome at Matrix Eye Clinic

Dry Eye is a common, but complex condition that is often incorrectly diagnosed and poorly managed. The original purpose of setting up the Matrix Eye Clinic was to provide a world-class facility for diagnosing and treating patients with Dry Eye. We have many of the most advanced technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of Dry Eye, which are unavailable in most NHS Eye Departments.

Personalised treatment plans

Treatment Options & Products at Matrix Eye Clinic

In just one visit, we can make a comprehensive assessment of your Dry Eye symptoms and tear film quality. This will enable us to give an accurate diagnosis and develop a personalised treatment plan based on your other ocular and general health conditions. This is particularly important for patients with auto-immune conditions or  Sjögren’s Syndrome.

Your personalised treatment plan may include eye drop refinement, dietary advice and non-pharmacological treatments such as Intense Regulated Pulsed Light therapy.

Initial evaluation package £355 – this includes a 30-minute consultation with Mr Guy T. Smith and 30-minute diagnostic evaluation using the latest technology.

Matrix Eye Clinic - Dry & Wet Eyes
Matrix Eye Clinic - Dry & Wet Eyes - Swindon

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