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Matrix Eye Clinic testimonials

Attended for 2nd cataract operation, all staff very attentive and thorough in the information. Re procedure, knew what they were doing - Aftercare, I felt very well looked after.

I've suffered with Dry Eye for several years and after seeing Mr Smith & Richard, I feel a million times better. I previously couldn't drive long distance or use a computer all day without my eyes turning red and feeling strained. Now I can drive long distance and use my computer without any issues. I'd definitely recommend visiting Matrix Eye Clinic. The IPC treatment has accelerated me getting back to normal and I follow the guidance given to keep on top of things whilst at home. I feel that my life has gone back to normal now and I can't thank Mr Smith & Richard enough.

Matrix Eye Clinic testimonials

Don't forget your thank you letters my mother used to tell me. I need no such reminding in this instance. You have restored my good sight and words can not express how profoundly grateful I am. My simple thank you must serve.

I had a new lens 4 weeks ago and the operation and the following appointments have been excellent. The surgery was excellent and I felt very reassured. Would recommend the clinic to all who might need eyecare.

Very pleasant surroundings, relaxed.

Excellent in every sense.

A very warm welcome and pleasant environment. Consultant very thorough and pleasant.

All straight forward as expected.

Absolutely staggering, professional organisation. Faultless in all aspects.

Absolutely brilliant. Incredible difference.

Matrix Eye Clinic testimonials

Clinic was run very well. Manager knows exactly what is happening and when. Took all measures to ensure appointment went smoothly.

I cannot recommend Matrix Clinic more. I am so grateful that I am under the care of Mr Smith, it makes me feel so safe & secure. The staff are friendly and the new clinic is beautiful.

Nice building, easy to find, excellent service from Mr Smith.

Matrix Eye Clinic testimonials

Two days after Cataract Surgery: I woke up yesterday morning - to find that all signs of weeping and discomfort has disappeared overnight. Instead, I was met with clear, sharp images, beautiful bright colours - and full vision. I put this down to your wonderful skill and artistry as a surgeon. Thank you so much - and I can't wait for part two! With grateful thanks.

Absolutely brilliant. My wife looks even more beautiful now.